About the Founders of Transformational Bodywork ~ Fred & Cheryl Mitouer

Fred Mitouer, Ph.D., is internationally known for his groundbreaking somatic therapy: Transformational Bodywork and as the founder of Dragons’ Breath Theatre—a forum for cultural experiments in consciousness and irrev­erent play. He created Pacific School of Massage in 1978 and Transformational Bodywork in 1989. Fred has been a featured presenter at many International Conferences, including the Interna­tional Somatics Congresses—which he co-sponsored with the Association of Humanistic Psychology, The State of the World Forum and the 9th International Conference on Conflict Resolution, in ST. Petersburg, Russia. His writings have appeared in Perspective, Massage Magazine, Common Ground and Yoga Journal. He is a contributor to the award winning book, Healing the Heart of the World, Elite Press, 2005

Fred has presented his work in Paris, Hong Kong, and throughout the United States and has maintained a private practice in Northern California for nearly 40 years that has transformed the consciousness of countless individuals in diverse arenas spanning the creative arts through the shamanic depths to the corporate world. The New York Times has called him, “The Hollywood A list’s favorite guru...a master.”

He is a father and grandfather and lives with his wife, Cheryl, on California’s Mendocino Coast where he sculpts in metal and stone and rides his dragons.

Cheryl Mitouer is a respected and talented Holistic Health and Somatic-Movement Educator with four decades of teaching experience in cross cultural and multi-aged settings. She is the creator of:

  • Self-Transformation–a protocol of Self-Inquiry that releases and clears old identities, thus making space for fresh ways of living with vitality and Grace;
  • Somatic Awakenings–her personal medicine bag for facilitating eclectic journeys in soulful presence and embodied aliveness.

Since 1989, Cheryl has been the Director of Transformational Bodywork Seminars.

Prior to moving to the Mendocino Coast in 1979, Cheryl was the Director of The Holistic Health Institute in San Francisco—one of three branches of The Holistic Life University. She also taught pre-school and body-movement enrichment classes in Marin County. With her husband, Fred, Cheryl co-founded The Pacific School of Massage & Healing Arts—a State Approved Private Post-Secondary Professional School—that, over the course of thirty years, graduated over 1000 massage practitioners. She has taught her own seminars throughout the United States; and in Hong Kong; and in Paris, France.

Cheryl is active in her community and plays many roles ranging from being a:  

  • Former president of the local school board;
  • Principal organizer of The Coastal Ambulance District initiative.
  • Certified Pilates Instructor
  • A tap dancer
  • An actress in community theater
  • A grandmother

Cheryl is a life long learner with vast experience in various healing modalities ranging from Homeopathy to Cranio-Sacral Therapy, from Yoga and Tai Chi Chuan to Buddhist Meditation practices. Cheryl continues to teach her work weekly to her community in her home on the Mendocino Coast where she has conducted a multi-disciplinary private practice since 1980.

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