Dragons' Breath

Over the years we have sculpted our land on the Mendocino Coast much like we have sculpted bodies and souls in our various programs—with care and attention to detail, to reveal what is essential.

In the 1980s our logo was a wave—the ultimate sculpting tool; but many years ago dragon energy came into our lives when we taught in China. Alchemically, fire breathing dragon energy taught us about what it takes to transform lives and to how to form alliance with magic and mystery. They inspired us to build two life size dragons to anchor the opening portal of the amphitheater we sculpted from a ravine on our land.

Their fire inspires those who experience them with courage, passion and joy. And not surprisingly, they have inspired us to build a welding shop and art gallery and encouraged us to go Solar.

We invite you to explore the magic of Dragons' Breath:


Art Play




Our 18th Annual
Dragons' Breath Theatre
is coming! 
Join us on
September 9th, 2017

Zoruba & Oceana stand as honor guards at the entrance to Dragons’ Breath Theatre


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