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Lead artist Fred Mitouer and his team of co-creators combine welding, woodworking, and scultpting techniques to create beautiful, one of a kind works of art that can be commissioned and purchased.  Here is a sampling of what is available.:

One of a kind Belts
Steel Scapes


by Fred Mitouer

Like each and every Dragon’s Breath Talisman welded in my metal shop, the one you are holding in your hand is a unique marriage of steel, copper, bronze, inspiration and Dragon Fire Mystery. For thousands of years, in diverse historical and cultural settings, talismans -- placed on the doorways and portals of private homes and public gathering places – have been empowered by their creators to draw blessing, protection, good fortune and powerful healing to all who enter and abide therein.

Arising from our primal human instincts and evolving through the ancient traditions to our present day mythos, we have come to know that the breath of the dragon holds the quintessential essence of dragon magic. Dragons’ breath purifies, energizes and balances the Feng Shui of physical space. It conquers fear and establishes benevolence, intelligence, and goodwill. And it favors love. The artistic alchemy of transmuting metal and mindfulness brings great chi to this Talisman. I feel gratitude each time I lift my torch to make one and I trust you will feel gratitude each time you pass through its placement.

Place it upon your doorway at eye level and appreciate the power and blessing it imbues to you and yours. Touching it with a slight bow as you pass by this Talisman is an old Chinese custom; making up your own ritual can be fun and meaningful.

For more information about Dragons’ Breath Talismans, please email Fred
Quan Yin Tailsman Sitting Buddha Tailsman

tailsman door  

makng tailsman
  Fred in the Studio making a Tailsman


Our handmade, unique belts evoke a sense of peace and zen. Crafted from mixed-metal dieties, coins and found objects, buckles are joined with high quality brown or black leather and custom-cut to fit all waist sizes.

For more information about Dragons’ Breath Belts, please email Fred

belt 1 belt 2
Steel Buckle with Bronze & Silver

Steel Buckle with Copper & Bronze

coin buckle buckle back
Chinese Coin Buckle

Close up of back of belt

snake buckle closeup
belt on
Close-up of Snake Buckle

Custom Belt on a Satisfied Customer

Steel Scapes

Fred Mitouer and Dana Ashton will contract with you to create large-scale stone and metal art installations of all kinds of design and size for homes and offices from garden settings to institutional motifs that can also include waterways and stylistic logos.

For more information about Dragons’ Breath Steel Scapes, please email Fred

iching drummer
I-Ching In Copper

Drummer Boy Keeps It Steady

piano lighting dragon

Piano Man Grooving With Flutist Jean Pierre

Fred Lighting Zoruba

fred with collapse surrender collapse
Collapse ~ Surrender in Processes

Collapse ~ Surrender

bass player time space
Bass Player Holding his Own

Time & Space ~ Kinetic Steel, Stone & Ceramic

fred and dana

Dana Ashton And Fred Mitouer In The Welding Shop Making The Steel Quintet Out To Lunch


Our 18th Annual
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