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Love is Work
By Fred Mitouer, Ph.D.

It is most difficult to bring about inner change in ourselves. It is frustrating that it is so difficult, but what are we to do? It is the reality we encounter when we consider the possibilities of world transformation into a more harmonious state. To many people the work of internal change of the individual appears remote, beside the point in relationship to the magnitude of suffering in the world today. How are we to bring about, then, a betterment of the human condition? What is the human condition?

All about the external world are threats to life. So ominous are they that the survival instinct in each individual distracts his or her awareness from the real work at hand...their personal transformation. It is important to distinguish where real threats to life originate. Certainly nuclear bombs, nerve gas and germ warfare are threats to life --- and to the extent they exist they diminish our faith in life's worthiness. The real threat to life though lies in the unhealthy emotions of individuals. It is these emotional distortions; the fear, the hate and the jealousy of individuals that pose the core threat to humankind, for they have the power to trigger the horrors of modern weaponry. True change on Earth can only happen by individuals learning to neutralize negative emotions and learn simple, yet subtle, lessons of compassion.

Today in human affairs we witness a poverty of inner power, that is the empowerment of the individual; it is a felt alignment with natural forces larger than the individual's self. In its absence we see a frenzy of grasping for external power over other individuals and obsessions of material greed. This exploitation is rooted in the inability to love! It is that simple.

The path to world peace begins and ends within the hearts and spirits of individual human beings who are receptive to love. Love in its pure form is known as Grace. Grace is ever available to the individual who is sincerely working on inner change.

As grace is God's love, so the work we do for inner changing is God's work. When we touch other people with love and compassion it is God touching God. It is the energy in this simple act that materializes the ideal of non-violent living; a ripple is set forth that calms the human spirit and heals the faith that binds.

This work of inner changing is essentially an aligning of oneself with the laws of nature. When an individual experiences this alignment, he or she adds his or her note to a developing symphonic destiny. By contributing to harmony we can heal the cacophonous schism between matter and spirit that is so prevalent. Healing is the concern of every individual who desires peace.

The compassionate mind sees action as a real path to holiness...especially in these times. Compassion is the real essence of religion. If you practice the lessons of love and compassion then it hardly matters whether---as a Christian, a Buddhist, a Jew, a Muslim, or a Hindu---you place any emphasis on other philosophical matters. Action that flows from seeds of love is a definite religious experience available to us on this plane.

The extension of loving energy to another individual requires work. This work is the work of healing, and it requires discipline. Work and discipline are, for the majority of people in the West who are addicted to fantasies of leisure, escape and material consumption, an unattractive pursuit. This is why the individual who steps outside the hypnotic web of mass illusion often experiences a sense of aloneness. It is because we each experience reality "as it is" (not how we wish it to be) in a singular manner. We are alone in the work of internal change but in the presence of good company. This is superior to the loneliness amidst the social comfort of popular agreement. By making peace with ourselves, grace floods the world; and we make this peace by healing the separation between our self and our true nature.

This work of inner alignment and change is simple, thus difficult---though joyous at core. We must find our self and also lose our self. This is the work that makes inner change so challenging. The effort itself to meet this challenge is absolutely worthwhile.

May all beings be happy.

December 16, 1984
Fred Mitouer
Anchor Bay, California

Dedicated to the individuals of the class of Fall-1984~Pacific School of Massage and Healing Arts~for their honesty and hard work.




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