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Clients seeking solid and profound massage therapy for tension relief and rejuvenation are powerfully met by the skill base and mindset in the Transformational Bodywork context.

Many Transformational Bodywork clients, however, come to their sessions with the intent to mitigate long standing physical symptoms—ranging from sports injuries to genetic anomalies—seeking to discover more efficient and graceful ways of being embodied. Still other clients arrive seeking to reset their physiological reactions to anxiety and depression or to somatically resolve long-standing, emotionally charged symptoms that have their roots in traumatic events of all kinds.

The common theme that draws these three kinds of clients to this work is the ongoing human quest to lighten the load of what life offers up. Those clients who constitute the last category, however, are unusually ripe for the transformational aspects of the work because, though they have outgrown the compensatory structures in their lives, they still carry the primitive habituations that they needed to survive within the difficult circumstances of long ago. And they appreciate that the armament they created to manage their pain has become a burden on their soul.

Healing work is organic and is uniquely received by each person. Some people dive deep and fast and work intensively for several days at a time while others choose to work for two hours at a time once a month or season. Regardless, an introductory session is recommended before beginning a Five Phase series. One or several sessions might constitute a particular phase; many sessions can take place over an extended period of time; there is always a pause before beginning another series. This pause and structured context encourages reflection and integration and keeps ventilated the relationship between the client and practitioner.

The Five Phase Journey

PHASE ONE: Cultivating trust & confidence in the working relationship. Discerning the nature of reactivity and flow in both mindset and behavior.

PHASE TWO: Unveiling the issue; the unhealed wound or creative block is revealed-releasing insight, energy, and new possibilities.

PHASE THREE: Commitment to heal. The inner dynamic is made conscious. The relationship between body, mind, and soul becomes apparent inviting responsibility for self-healing and self-reclamation to take place.

PHASE FOUR: Relinquishment. The wound or creative block is cleansed/ released with archetypal support, self-love and a spirit of dis-identification.

PHASE FIVE: Integration. The capacity to feel deeply one’s experience, cultivate a compassionate life and make peace with one’s life history is the ultimate goal of Transformational Bodywork and spiritual maturity, in general. Changes in life-style, self-image, and tools for appropriate self-defense are explored as the journey into the Flow State deepens.

Here is the Orientation Letter for all new clients:
PDF Document of Private Client Instructions, Info & Liability Release

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In Light,

I slept and dreamt that life was joy
I awoke and saw that life was service
I acted and behold, service was joy

~ Rabindranath Tagore ~

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