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Fred’s Salon
Healing into Freedom

We human beings are, at core, social animals yet our culture holds fast to an individualism that often fosters isolation. We like to think we mitigate this through social media and networking but we are now discovering that without “eye to eye”, and “heart to heart” connection, our sense of self remains immature leaving real intimacy undeveloped or, sadly, unknown.

I am not anti-technology and I don’t believe that the digital world negates what is REAL. In fact, it can and often does bring people together.

         But what do we actually do when we meet and drop in?

I have found—in my non-virtual salons in my living room or sitting out doors by the fire pit—that there is a hunger to experience the lost art of CONVERSATION.

There are endless conversations to be had, of course. And there are special ongoing groups that focus on every kind of human interest, problem and aspiration; but the one topic I have found most resonant with the yearning for the REAL is the conversation about the relationship between “healing” and “freedom” on a personal level.

Of course, we read about and hear stories and see films about healing and freedom and some of us investigate these themes privately in meditation practices or in psychotherapy sessions. But how many of us gather in small groups with the intention to converse with our peers about how these two themes dance together in our hearts and minds?

It’s been my experience that freedom is a relationship between finding the means to heal the broken fabric of our soul AND the encumbrances of carrying the weight of our unhealed wounds. All of us are on a mortal journey of discovery; and though there are universally common experiences, we usually have them and metabolize their meaning alone.

And yet…

Below the surface is a profound need to be witnessed by others and to witness those others in some kind of ritual gathering; for it evokes either our positive familial memories or brings them up to be assuaged. Let’s face it—we humans need each other. We’re kindred by our vulnerability and humbled by our mortality; and we need to come together, intimately in tribe, with the intent to explore our personal version of the archetypal journey of Healing into Freedom.

And when we do this, each individual’s peacemaking and awakening becomes a touchstone for humanity’s evolution.

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