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Somatic Awakenings
Embodied Aliveness ~ Soulful Presence
with Cheryl Mitouer

Somatic Awakenings is my approach to whole-person integration; it is my medicine bag. I use it as my life practice for myself, and family and for my clients and students. It encompasses meditation, movement, and touch, with a focus on the breath. It is the unifying thread that strings together all of the many modality beads that I facilitate and teach—all in service to the goal of helping each person create a sustainable and healthy life.

I offer the following beads in small groups and privately: Pilates, Identity Clearing, Bodywork & Massage, Far Infrared Therapy, and Somatic Meditation.

Sometimes they overlap with each other. For example, if I am working privately with someone on the Pilates mat and we discover a tight muscle preventing her from achieving the possible full range of motion, I may have her hop on the massage table for a particular focus and then go back to the mat.

Somatic Awakenings is also a consciousness dance that is the synthesis of my four decades of practice, study and teaching of movement, massage and meditation. Because the Somatic Awakening Experience is singularly unique to each person’s way of embodying his or her life, I choose to work with small groups, (no more than 6 students). And when I work with private clients, we co-create a customized experience for cultivating body-mind awareness that can track the ongoing evolution of the experience.

Awareness is the key. And directing it energetically, with the breath throughout the body, is an artistic endeavor that creates new neural pathways and mind-ful clarity as it relaxes the emotional body and grows seeds of happiness.

Pilates: Pilates is a form of exercise, developed by Joseph Pilates, which emphasizes the balanced development of the body through Core strength, Flexibility, and Awareness in order to support efficient, graceful movement. My approach is to meet each student at his/her level by assessing range of motion and degree of strength and flexibility, along with harmonizing breath and movement to cultivate awareness of alignment. I add a somatic meditation cool down to enhance relaxation and rejuvenation ~ Graceful Aging.

Identity Clearing: We speak of freedom and peace and happiness very often; but do we really know the direct experience of how it feels to be free and happy and at peace? When we investigate our actual life experience through the healing modality of Identity Clearing, we become aware that so much of our pain and difficulty is created by the self-limiting beliefs that generate a WHO in us that sees the world in ways that make life hard.

If we walk through our lives with shoes that don’t fit, or with a pebble under our toe for example, we soon walk off balance and, in time, our posture crumbles. If we wear glasses with the wrong corrective lenses, we don’t see what is real and what matters; and therefore we suffer from the imbalanced mental postures that further distort our perceptions. Seeing clearly and walking with balance and grace through our lives are the powerful and sustainable rewards from experiencing Identity-Clearing work.

The treatment technology employs a protocol of muscle testing that reveals an unconscious identity in a person that is inhibiting life potential. The revelatory process also uncovers the emotional truths of a person’s historical life journey and often this exploration becomes an adventure into the shadow realms of life experience.

Realizing how our core life experience was formed—and how we can transform our cellular memory banks through Identity Clearing, we feel empowered and excited to replace the old identities with new healthy ones that are grounded in the here and now.

Taking off those shoes that hurt your feet and dancing barefoot— and removing those old lenses and autocorrecting your vision from the inside out is made easily accessible with Identity Clearing because it is an awareness lever that uses the fulcrum of your own life challenges to lift you out of your underground consciousness into the light of day.

For more information contact cheryl@tranformationalbodywork.org

Bodywork and Massage:

An eclectic approach to massage for relaxation and muscle tension release. See Transformational Bodywork Client Services

Far Infrared Therapy:

Far-Infrared is a specific wavelength of light from the sun. The FIR waves are the most beneficial for the body’s healing process. By heating the internal organs and cells, the specific heat from a FIR wand allows the body to re-set and rejuvenate. The wand is used as an extension of the practitioner's hands and brings deep penetrating heat to the body. A special touch protocol based on acupuncture is used. 

Some of the benefits are:

*Balancing and stimulating the autonomic nervous system
*Supporting the immune system
*Promoting blood circulation, lymphatic flow, and Ki (chi) energy flow
*Weakening abnormal and unhealthy cells, including cancer cells
*Strengthening and rejuvenating healthy cell production


Somatic Meditation:

A facilitated meditation that is body-based. The meditation student/client is guided in both, observing and directing, at different times, the breath throughout the body. See Somatic Awakening article.


For local Mendonomans

Tuesday/Thursday [8–9:15 am]— Pilates Early Bird Classes are focused on the physical toning and strengthening of Pilates for an hour with a guided somatic meditation for the last fifteen minutes.

A Wednesday Pilates Class will be on a similar format, with an emphasis on modification for current and/or long term situations, as in post knee surgery or a life condition as scoliosis.

A Bi-weekly Somatic Meditation class

Call me for private sessions in any of these offerings. In a Pilates private session I use a Reformer and Cadillac, as well as the mat, so you can practice on your own.


Residential Retreats

A 4-day workshop exploring the inner landscape through Somatic Awakenings and bridging it to the innate wisdom of nature.

I am also available to teach customized classes in private homes. Please contact me for further information.




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