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Professional Education

The teachings of Transformational Bodywork revolve around a simple premise: We are spiritual beings having a human experience on Earth.

This seven level professional training program in depth-healing and personal transformation embraces a curriculum that invites the body to speak its mind. Turning the term “psycho-somatic” inside out, our approach to teaching healing bodywork is “somato-psychic” and it informs all the courses with practical understandings about breathing techniques, the neuro-emotional musculature, cellular memory, biological defense mechanisms and the nature of armament. Central to all of these understandings is the spirit of inquiry: How can I live a peaceful life with passion and purpose?

Any of our courses are applicable for Continuing Education Units for massage therapists and nurses for whom we have C.E.U. approval. Soon our program will be C.E.U. approved for psychologists. The ideal candidates for this style of healing bodywork education are mature practitioners in the hands on healing arts, psychotherapy and spiritual disciplines who:

  • understand that healing experiences invite themselves into our lives as touchstones to higher-self learning and
  • are comfortable exploring the questions: “why am I feeling this way?“ and “what is the deeper meaning of this experience?”

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