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Professional Education Course Offerings

The Main Courses

The Essentials of Transformational Bodywork: An Introductory Class ~ Turn your massage therapy practice into a dynamic transformational journey. Cost $1200. View Upcoming Class Flier

Perspective & Application: Understanding the Reactive and Flow States ~ 40 movement sequences and their appropriate usage. Cost $1500.

Healing the Wound: Personal Growth for the Practitioner ~ Videotaped sessions documenting the relationship dynamic between the personal identity and its belief structures and karmic agenda. Cost $1600. Limited to 8. 

Technique & Methodology: Musculo-skeletal manipulation strategies ~ Organ-Muscle associations. Energetic Repatterning Approaches to the bio-field in transition. Cost $1500.

• Apprenticeship ~ Students individually contract supervised time with their clients, and observe and are observed in their practicum. Personal ownership of the strategy, technique and perspective. 

• Yoga-Massage & Meditation ~ Integrating the expanded body with the expanded mind. Cost $1500.
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Self-Transformation with Cheryl Mitouer ~ A 4-day class designed to teach a special protocol that clears unconscious identities that prevent us from manifesting our goals on a personal and professional level. This is a life skill for all those committed to conscious change. Participants will learn how to shape-shift, self-muscle-test, and use specific homeopathic remedies to clear judgements and change energy patterns on a cellular level. Cost $900 (includes homeopathic remedies). One does not need to be a bodywork practitioner. 

• Holistic Health Assessment & Professional Thesis ~ A research project and a personal health assessment complete the requirements.

• The Art of the Work ~ This seminar cultivates Body-Based perspectives and pragmatic interventions that are designed to offer both an organic uncovering to human problems and a grounded approach to integrating into daily life the healing understandings gained through the work.

• Organ Muscle Associations and Psycho-emotional Content
• Breath Holding Patterns and Release
• Manipulation Strategies
• Energetic Repatternings of the Bio-Field in Transition
• Contemplating the undefended life

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