Transformational Bodywork ~ An Overview

The Embodied Journey of Awakening is an ancient wisdom tradition that has had many and various cultural representations throughout history. We have called our approach Transformational Bodywork. We offer it in two formats: Clients who are interested in personal growth and therapeutic healing modalities; and Professional Education for massage therapists, bodyworkers, and healing artists of all stripes.

The core of Transformational Bodywork is the powerful co-creative exploration of the body’s wisdom within the dynamic working relationship between the practitioner and recipient of the work within the structure of a private session. There are many techniques and methods of approach within the practice of this hands-on therapy; but the signature thread that holds the experience together is multi-dimensional consciousness.

Personal transformation through somatic intelligence is inherently so powerful and sustaining because body based awareness is leveraged against the fulcrum of both our transcendental yearnings and the limitations of our personal conditionings. The work of Transformational Bodywork is to awaken the inner witness to what is really happening in present time on many levels of experience; and it is not complicated. In fact, it is refreshingly simple.

But just because it is simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy.

It takes work to break through one’s mental and physical habituations in order to make real and sustainable changes in a human life. But the rewards are immeasurably satisfying; and that is why individuals are drawn to both the kind of learning opportunities and healing experiences that we have developed in our programs.

Sculpting away excess to reveal essence describes the break through artistic spirit of both private sessions and professional education in Transformational Bodywork. Essentially, with skillful means and mindfulness, practitioner and client collaboratively sculpt away personal armament and, together, consciously reveal—and thus perceive—the dignity and passion that soulfully holds and shapes our lives.

The sculpting process and tools focus upon the causal place in the armament of the physical body where unconscious beliefs, repressed memory and charged unresolved emotional experience co-exist. The reactivity and tension of this armament are accessed through breathing techniques and deep tissue manipulation of the musculature and subtle energy fields. Once accessed, the approach of the work is aimed at neutralizing the charged reactivity of the neuro-emotional musculature and attendant mind-states. As the reactive charge diminishes in the body, an amazing flow state phenomenon emerges revealing really who is embodied. This transformed perception leads to the resolution of unhealed wounds and to the release of creative life force.

The recipient and practitioner of Transformational Bodywork commit themselves to awakening from our culture's consensus trance. Sessions are energetically potent and clean psychic workspaces for both the healing of wounds and the accessing of creative life force where accelerated insight, creativity, and inspiration are midwifed into manifestation. 

         We offer:

Client Services (private sessions, retreats, group work, and salons)
Professional Education (courses for practicitioners)
Map of the Transformational Journey (an illustrated view of the healing journey)

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